Excitement turns to heartache...

I've been pretty excited to put this website together. I haven't done one for a long time and this was new with a fresh concept. All done after the work hours, of course. [ahem...]

I received a panicked call on Tuesday. It seems my brother, who is an avid bicycler and has been for years, was involved in an incredibly serious accident. The group he was riding with were on their second decent of this particular mountain and my brother hit a ridge and was flown off -- from a speed of 45 mph!! Omg. He was wearing his helmet but how effective that was, who knows?

Granted we hadn't talked in years as I was "too different" from him [business conservative versus liberal hippie] but... family, you know?

Frantic arrangements were made to fly out and be there. It was incredibly heartbreaking. His injury is traumatic, very serious and bad. He was swollen and tied to all these tubes and machines. We could do nothing - zero, zilch, nada. We were helpless and scared.

Thankfully the doctors are excellent, the facilities wonderful. But we're on a waiting game to see what the brain injury results are, if any. We wait to see if he will come out of the coma. We wait to see if he'll live. We wait. And wait.

I flew back on Friday and just feel so out of it emotionally and physically.

I'm trying find the positive and learn the lessons this experience has taught us.

  • Have paperwork easily available for those who will need to work on your behalf (bills, banking information, etc.).
  • Communicate with those important to you. Tell them, talk to them, love them. Don't wait until something traumatic happens.
  • If you’re employed and have benefits, get both short-term and long-term disability no matter your age or your financials. If not for your benefit, but for those who love you/depend on you.

That's all I've got for right now.