Lesson #412: Appreciate What You Have

When I was young, I wanted straight hair so badly that I went to ridiculous lengths to straighten it. It never worked. I hated my hair with a passion.

Fast forward X years and I’ve embraced my curls and really started loving my hair; the color, the curl... Those curls are a huge part of me that I love and accept - thus, my website is named silvercurlz.

This year has been hard not only on me but on my curls as well, apparently. I know that winter dampens the curl and takes away lift and volume. But, I confess that I never, ever expected them to straighten to the degree that they have. I guess it’s only fitting but it damn! The man upstairs has a weird sense of humor, that’s for sure.


I’m counting on some humidity, growth and a good Deva cut to restore the boing.