Slip Sliding Away...

This morning I was inputting info to a 2018 calendar when I realized I didn't have my surgery date so I scrolled through my Facebook to find it. Holy cow, do I post a lot!

What I noted was that I had an attitude change somewhere along the way. I slipped back into complacency.

Yeah, I knew that I hadn't eaten right or worked out (maybe once or twice) since my brother's death. I planned on rectifying soon. "I'll go to the gym after dinner" turned into "I'll go to the gym during lunch tomorrow" and further into "I need to go to the gym soon and start back up." I've not been inputting my food intake into MyFitnessPal, I've not checked my glucose or blood pressure. I was just meh.

Note to self.jpg

What I noticed most from those old Facebook posts was my attitude... wow! I was bright and sunny, self aware and confident, ready push forward. I was doing it! Looking at the two Laura's, I just can't. I can't continue on to what I now am again.

Today, I'm going to the gym. Period.