They're baaaack!!

Anyone with curly hair knows the struggle; winter comes and all the moisture gets sucked out of the air. With it, curls flatten and look like they've been run over by a Mack truck. This is especially horrible for one who has recently made peace with her curls as I have.

Like most women, I have issues with my appearance. There are so many areas that I dislike intensely that making peace and actually liking my curls was a huge hurdle to overcome! I was devastated by their dormancy and went to the extreme of getting my hair cut shorter in an effort to coax them to life (which turned turned out to be a curly girl's worst nightmare - the dreaded poodle cut). I hear all you curly girls gasping. It was awful! But no, it didn't work and I felt even worse about my appearance.


Today I'm happy. My curls are back!!

Life is good.