Have you ever....

 ...been visited by a loved one who has passed?

...been visited by a loved one who has passed?

Since my brother passed, I've been having incredibly deep sleep. I dream; sometimes I remember them but mostly I don't. This from a person who never slept well and felt like I rarely dreamed.

That said, my brother visited me the other night. I don't recall the dreams, just felt his presence. When I woke, he was still with me and stayed for a bit. Honestly, it was odd. It wasn't one of those "thinking about him" type of things; it was a ... separate, heavy (but not exceedingly so, there was just some weight to it), slightly off to the left... presence. Not angry, not peaceful - it just was there. I wasn't flooded with thoughts of him but I just knew it was him.

I remember the night my mother in-law died in 2012. We were in process of moving to Florida and hubby was able to be with her when she passed. I was still in Minnesota, closing up the townhouse. That night when I was laying in bed I kept hearing high pitched sounds. I got up to see if I could "walk it off" and they followed me. I figured it was my mother in-law so I started talking to her, saying goodbye. They stopped when I spoke and resumed when I didn't. At one point fear crept in and I said to stop because she was scaring me. The noise stopped and never returned. I wish now that I had talked longer with her.

I wonder how many people have been visited. I'd love to hear your story.