It's Unofficially Official

Nothing is set in stone but it is created in Legos. We're moving back to Minnesota!

Yes, I have watched the weather. Somehow, in the middle of April in the calendar, they seem to be stuck in the middle of winter. I'm really hoping that it's just Minnesota getting it out of it's system and not turning into the "new norm."


Why on earth would we move back to the frozen tundra? There are a lot of reasons but the biggest reason is family. Our son is getting married in September. My Dad is getting older and may need help (not that he'd ever take it). Our friends are there. It's where we're from and a big part of who we are.

And, when we left, it was awful. We were in a really, really tough place. We were running from that and to something better. I've made peace with it. Pretty much. Kinda/sorta. However, we are not returning with our tails between our legs, we are coming back with a lot under our belts. Sounds cryptic, I know. Maybe I'll chat about it later.

Also, we are not returning to where we left, the Twin Cities. We are instead, going to explore the smaller town of Rochester. It's a bit larger than Chattanooga and I really enjoy the size of Chatt. And, it's about a 45 minutes to an hour away from the Cities. Close enough to stay in contact, far enough for us to observe and watch. We're renting so we have time to decide if we want to get involved in all of that again or if smaller town life is perfect for us. We'll see.

We don't know if it's our final destination or just there for a while.

July 1 is our targeted move-back date.