Sick of the same old stuff, I decided to browse the web, looking for something new and different and, well, yummy. I see a pretty picture and start salivating. Clicking on the link I wade through paragraphs upon paragraphs reading about some happy childhood memory about Uncle Bob and how he loved pecans.... to finally stumble upon the recipe.

Frustrated Woman PullingOutHairB.jpg

Then, I have a WTH moment looking at the ingredients - where do I even find some of these items? Forgetaboutit, I'm on to the next recipe only to find the same story over and over again. OR! They don't post the nutritional information and once I've run it through MyFitnessPal, I realize it has 7 million calories and 972 carbs which puts it out of my reach.

All I wanted was some simple food, nothing fancy or fru-fru, just real food that tastes good. Is it too much to ask?

Within these pages are my personal success recipes complete with nutritional information. Simple food made with items you probably have lying around (or can get in the regular aisles of your local grocery store). No weirdo ingredients, no massive calories or carbs - just food your Grandma made but a little bit healthier. Probably.

And note that there will be more recipes coming as soon as I can find a moment to put them in. Promise.

Of course, you can always search for something specific, as well. [low carb, cookies, hot dish, cookies, asparagus, cookies - or! You can search for cookies.}